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Eniscope - Real-time Energy Management System


Right now a massive amount of your energy is going to waste... But how do you isolate the waste and stop your profits bleeding away?

Saving energy can produce as much profit as a 20% increase in turnover for many organisations, so it’s not a matter to be taken lightly.

So... how do you control and reduce your energy demand?

Most people let their utility company manage their energy… they have a basic meter and receive a monthly bill. But be assured; even the latest ‘smart’ meters are designed primarily for the benefit the Utilities Companies… giving THEM, not YOU, more control of YOUR energy consumption… they only measure one parameter and they don’t give you the important information YOU need to control costs.

Consider these facts:
1: You don’t find out how much energy you have used today - until next month - and by then it’s too late to act. That’s like a car that only shows your speed or fuel consumption at the end of your journey – now that’s ridiculous!

2: The utility companies only send you ONE bill for everything! It doesn’t show you which areas of your building are using the most energy or what equipment is draining the power. When you get a bank statement, its itemized so you can see where your money is going.

So... what can Eniscope do for your business?

Firstly it's REAL, real-time; it enables you to see exactly what you’re spending right now, minute by minute, and it can also isolate the cost of powering specific area’s - or even individual pieces of equipment - so you know exactly where you’re energy is going and what steps you need to take to reduce it.
Eniscope is helping organizations to reduce costs by 20% - 30% even over 40% in a totally risk-free way with a payback inside two years

Secondly, it provides you with granular information through the historical analytics feature. Your personal energy information is delivered in beautifully designed displays in a way you can understand... be it kilowatts, carbon or cost. Suddenly you’re in control. You know what you’re spending right now, what you’ve spent so far, what you’re likely to spend this month and how this compares to previous periods.
Eniscope is also intelligent... it can alert you when it sees a problem and it can even be configured to remotely turn equipment off.

Public Display.
Furthermore, you will soon be able enhance your system with a range of stunning Public Display’s... real-time energy feedback motivates your buildings occupants to save energy and gives a powerful demonstration of your commitment to a greener economy. Your customers will certainly be impressed!

Renewable Energy Sources.

Eniscope can showcase all of the benefits to be gained from harnessing alternative power generation - alongside the positive impact from installing new energy saving products. With Real-time... Analytics... and the Public Display; Eniscope provides the foundation for a robust energy saving programme because you can’t even begin to control what you can’t see or measure.

Saving energy has never been this easy or looked this good.
Are you still happy with meters that explain nothing and bills that you don’t really understand? Are you content to let the lifeblood of your business drain away? Or do you want to be in control of your energy costs and your carbon footprint?
If you are serious about Controlling... Reducing and eventually Eliminating your energy costs... You need a Real-time Energy Management System... in short you need Eniscope!

Why do anything?
Energy exacts a financial and environmental cost that we can no longer ignore. All of us want to do something about it, but it’s not always practical for business owners to implement some of the recommended strategies, like employing a full time energy manager. Eniscope is a virtual energy manager, delivering many of the benefits of a full time employee at a fraction of the cost.

What will it do for YOUR business?
Eniscope will tell you, in the currency of your choice, exactly what you are spending on powering your business, allowing you to make better decisions on how you use your energy... putting you in control