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About Copse Environmental Services


About Copse Environmental Services

Copse Environmental is built upon the belief that we live in an amazing and beautiful natural landscape, one that we need to protect. Sustainability is incredibly important, and we are here to help encourage, advise and facilitate more businesses into becoming as environmentally responsible as they can.

We know that businesses have to take into account the costs involved with improving any area of their business, and this can make them reticent about committing to lowering their carbon footprint. This is why we are proud to supply ENIGIN energy saving equipment, which allows businesses to save energy in a way that makes them more sustainable whilst also saving money.

With over two decades of experience in Environmental Sustainability around the world, we are experts in the field of sustainability. Teaming up with ENIGIN to offer their advanced energy saving systems therefore combines our in-depth knowledge of sustainability with expert energy-saving solutions, allowing you to create a business that is better off financially, and much more environmentally friendly. 

We are a local Cornish Business and can provide you with energy mapping systems, that will identify all the areas in your business that are wasting energy and money, down to individual rooms, equipment or circuits.

Once we have identified these areas, we can then help you reduce your energy usage overall by installing equipment that will reduce the amount of energy that is being drawn down. We can identify in real time how much energy you are saving and display this information on your desk top computer monitor, or your laptop, iPad or iPhone so that it is transparent to all your staff, your customers or visitors to see in real time.

This information can also be displayed in your reception area on a monitor, or live on your website, and you can also use it to show graphically how much Carbon you are saving as a business. Take control of your energy bills now and reduce the amount of energy you use in the future.