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Your business could be wasting energy, time and money

Are you feeling the squeeze thanks to the recession? Today’s business climate is an increasingly difficult one for companies across the South West, as rising
prices and falling consumer spending mean that money is getting tighter. On top of this, we all have a responsibility to the planet. You might think now is the worst possible time to try and become energy efficient. In fact, it could save you money.

Reducing your energy usage could result in a turnover increase of up to 20%

A lot of businesses assume their utilities bill is one of the things about running a business that they just can’t change. A lot of people think becoming more environmentally friendly will cost a lot of money. In fact, it could save you a huge amount.

Do you know how much energy is being wasted in your office, where it’s going, and whether your energy bill is correct? Monitoring your energy usage yourself would be a daunting and complex process. But imagine being able to do it just by turning on your computer monitor.

Invest in a successful future for your business

While other companies are struggling with their costs, the energy monitoring systems that we supply can help you to drastically reduce yours. By identifying areas of energy waste, and showing you just how much energy you are using, you can see in an instant what needs to be changed.

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